Find The Best Pop Up Tent: Your Ultimate Guide.

Of all the different kinds of camping tents, the most versatile is definitely the pop up tent or pop up canopy. A pop up tent is light, easy to set up and fold back.

That’s why pop up tents and pop up canopies are so popular nowadays.

But not all pop up tents are made equal. Some of them are only suitable for camping on the beach, others are more robust and are suitable even for the most difficult situations.

In these pages you can find a comparison of the best pop up tents and all the information you need to choose the best pop up tent for your camping experience.

Image and NameCategoryDimensionsWeightRatingMy Review

Coleman Pop Up Tent

Pop Up Tent27.2"x1.5"x27.2"6.4 lbs4.0 Stars
(674 reviews)
Coleman Pop Up Tent Review

Zaltana Pop Up Tent with
inner tent
Zaltana Pop Up Tent with Inner Tent
Pop Up Tent106"x65"x43"5.2 lbs3.5 Stars
(48 reviews)
Zaltana Pop Up Tent Review

Genji Sports Pop Up
Outdoor Family Tent
Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent
Pop Up Tent82.7"x52"x50"5.4 lbs3.7 Stars
(142 reviews)
Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent Review

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent
Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent
Instant Tent120"x108"x72"24.64 lbs4.2 Stars
(1,302 reviews)
Coleman Instant Tents Review

Major Surplus 3 Person Pop Tent
Major Surplus 3 Person Pop Tent
Pop Up Tent84"x72"x40"6.4 lbs3.9 Stars
(10 reviews)

DECATHLON 2 Seconds Pop Up Easy-to-carry Tent 2 Person

Pop Up Tent82.7"x47.2"x35.4"5.95 lbs4.2 Stars
(35 reviews)

Rightline Gear 110995 Pop-Up Tent
Rightline Gear 110995 Pop-Up Tent
Pop Up Tent90"x72"x42"4.75 lbs2.7 Stars
(61 reviews)

ALEX® Toys - Pirate Pop-Up Tent Play Set 788
ALEX® Toys - Pirate Pop-Up Tent Play Set 788
Pop Up Tent57"x57"x35"3.2 lbs4.8 Stars
(10 reviews)

Wind Ridge Instant Tent
Wind Ridge Instant Tent
Instant Tent82.7"x82.7"x51.2"9 lbs4.6 Stars
(46 reviews)

Lightspeed Periapsis 4
Instant Tent
Periapsis 4 Instant Tent
Instant Tent94"x94"x55"14 lbs4.2 Stars
(17 reviews)
Periapsis 4 Instant Tent Review

What is a pop up tent?

A pop up tent is a tent that when unpacked, opens automatically and can be placed in a few seconds.

There are different kinds of pop up tents, each with different mechanisms. Their common feature is related to the way they are opened, almost immediately, usually throwing them in the air, without the need of fumbling too much with stakes or ropes.

In fact, their internal structure is usually formed by carbon fiber rims, so flexible, that allow the opening in one or two seconds, while ensuring the necessary rigidity to keep them standing.

Similarly, the tent can be easily folded back on itself and packed down into a thick disc shape.

This feature makes them very light and therefore easy to carry. Their weight usually does not exceed

While flexibility and lightness are the strengths that make them so popular, the same characteristics become instead a limit because these tents are not suitable for camping in extreme weather conditions and terrain.

In fact their very light structure is not designed to withstand large loads of wind or rain. This is why usually pop up tents are better suited for camping during the summer or at the beach.

Pop Up Tent by Rightline Gear

Rightline Gear 110995 CampRight Pop Up Tent

Is a pop up tent right for your needs?

If you are planning to camp during summer time or at a beach then a pop up tent is what you really need.

That’s because a pop up tent is:

  • Light
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to fold it back

But if you are going to camp with your family, in the wilderness, or on top of a high mountain, during rainy and windy season or with the snow then, better for you to choose another kind of camping tent.

Either way on this blog you will find all the information you need to buy the right tent for your camping needs.

How to set up a pop up tent and an instant self-erecting tent.

Pop up tents, also known as instant tents or self-erecting tents are the easiest kind of tents to set up. For that reason a pop up tent is the right choice for the beginner campers.

A self-erecting tent doesn’t need lots of stuff, poles, pegs and so on to be installed. And you don’t need a lot of time to do it. Usually it takes two to five seconds to unfold it and a couple of minutes to position and secure it correctly.

There are two different kinds of pop up tent or self-erecting tents.

The first one is the real pop up tent. This is usually packed in a light carry bag of 25 inch of diameter. When you remove the tent from its bag and release it, it unfold by itself into the ready for use position in about two or three seconds. You only have to position well on the ground and secure it by setting the pegs and adjusting the guy lines so to keep the tent in shape.

The second one is also known as self-erecting tent. It is a little heavier than a pop up tent but also more roomy. The main characteristic of this tent is that the poles are built into the fabric and converge to a central hub that once lifted to the right level and secured in the right position, it makes the body of the tent expand into its final shape. You then have to secure the tent stake to the ground  and adjust the guy lines to make them tight.

You can find instructions on how to set up a pop up tent or an instant tent on Youtube or visiting the website of the producer.

It is also advisable to take a look at some of them before choosing between a pop up tent and an instant tent.


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