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A camping tent for each season

One of the most important factors when choosing a camping tent is definitely the season or time of the year in which you intend to use it. Choosing the right tent can mean stay dry during a big storm or avoid getting wet with the condensation during the hot sunny days. That’s why, before buying a tent, is good to know the differences between the different types of tents depending on the season in which you want to use it.

Tents manufacturers labels tents as one-season, three-season and four-season.

One-season Tents

One-season tents are the lightest but also the weakest tents on the market. They are usually used only during summer to protect from the dangerous UV rays or from the beach sand. For that reason they are often called sun shelters.

These kind of tents usually have a large opening in the front and the walls are made of breathable fabrics.


Lightspeed Screenhouse Tent

Most of the beach tents are also one-season tents. They are similar to sun shelters, from which they differ only for having a bottom floor that protects from hot sand.

If you are going to buy a tent to be used on the beach always check its UPF Rating, which is the standard that measures the protection against UVA-UVB Rays. The best rating is UPF 40 – 50+ which means that the fabric blocks 97-99% of the UV radiations.

Being very lightweight one-season tents are very easy to carry. Mounting them is quite simple because they usually have a pop up opening mechanism.

One-season tents are very suitable for a trip on the beach, for a nap in the backyard, or to take part in festivals during the summer season.

Three-season Tents

The most commonly used type of camping tent is the three-season tent, so called because it can be used from spring to autumn.

You can find three-season tents of every shape, weight and measures.

These kind of tents are usually equipped with large mesh panels for a great ventilation, to prevent condensation while keeping out insects.


The two versions of the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Three-season Tent

Most of the three-season tents are made with water-repellent fabrics and sometimes even waterproof fabrics. When they are equipped with extra rainfly they can withstand downpours and even light snow. The floor of three seasons tents is usually made of waterproof nylon but in some cases it is better to add an additional tarp.

The pole structure of three-season tents is more robust than the one-season tents. You can find tents with fiberglass poles, steel poles and aluminum. Fiberglass poles are lightweight and flexible, but also the weakest. They are usually featured in pop up tents and freestanding tents. Steel poles are heavier but more robust and are featured in cabin tents. Aluminum poles are the lightest but also the most durable kind of poles and that’s why they are featured in most of the backpacking tents.

Three-season tents can be found in different shapes and dimensions.

Typical lightweight and trekking tent designs: 1. geodesic tent, 2. dome tent, 3. tunnel tent, 4. ridge tent, 5. pyramid tent - Source Wikipedia

Typical lightweight and trekking tent designs: 1. geodesic tent, 2. dome tent, 3. tunnel tent, 4. ridge tent, 5. pyramid tent – Source Wikipedia

The most common used are dome tents. Cabin tents are mostly used by family campers.

Four-season Tents

If you intend to camp mainly during winter or on the snow then your only choice is a four-season tent. These are the strongest camping tents that you can find.

MSR Fury Four-Season Tent

MSR Fury Four-season tent

They can also be used in summer but are design to withstand strong winds and substantial snow loads.

Four-season tents can be either single-wall or double-wall.

The first are lighter and usually used by alpine climbers to shed snow more than rain. Their walls are made of waterproof fabrics and don’t need a rainfly. They keep you warm in the snow but are less breathable than the double-wall.

Double-wall tents are heavier but also more breathable than single-wall. They are usually dome or geodesic shaped  to eliminate flat roof space where snow can collect.

Since the four-season tents are designed to ensure maximum shelter from wind, rain or snow they features less mesh panels but are provided of air vents that can be opened if necessary to prevent the condensation.

Choosing a four-season tent it’s not an easy task. They vary for the type of fabric used, the weight, the shape and the design of the pole structure, and lots of other features that must be carefully evaluated on the basis of the type of camping you intend to do.

You can find a very well-made guide on how to choose the best four-season tent here.

Coleman Instant Tents Review

Camping with family is an experience that everyone should make at least once in their life. Fishing with your child on the banks of a lake, walking with your daughter in the woods chatting about nothing, are moments that remain forever.

Not to mention the barbecue and the scent of ‘smores. Can you feel it?


Family Camping With Coleman Instant Tent

Unfortunately there is a moment of this wonderful experience that many would willingly jump.  The moment of putting up the tent.

Cleaning the area and having to deal with stakes, hammer, pegs and all the other equipment, when your kids are asking to play, can be really annoying.

That’s why Coleman Inc., one of the first and oldest companies in the camping industry, introduced its Coleman Instant Tents, so easy to assemble to become the first choise of families.

Coleman Instant Tents are not properly pop up tents, in the sense that you can not throw them in the air to open. But their unique system of opening and fixing however, makes the tents open easily in less than a minute, and this despite the size and the weight of them.

To realize how easy is to put up one of the Coleman Instant Tents just watch one of the several videos you can find on Youtube.

Here are a couple of them:

Coleman® Instant Tent – demonstration made by Coleman Inc staff.

KOA Campers Test Coleman Instant Tent – Test made by campers of KOA Kampgrounds.

Main Features of Coleman Instant Tents

Coleman produces four versions of its cabin instant tent. Their dimensions change depending on the number of people they can accommodate.

The smaller of the family is the Coleman Instant tent 4, a single room tent which measures 8 ft. x 7 ft. and can fit up to four adults. It’s big enough for one queen airbed. The height of the tent is 4 ft. 11 inc. at the center for plenty of room and air. This tent weights 9.8 Lbs. 

The 6 person version meausures 10 ft. x 9 ft. and is 5 ft. 11 inc. tall at the center with enough space to stand up and move easily . This tent is very spacious. There is enough space for two queen air mattresses.

Coleman Instant Tent 6 person with rainfly

Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person with Rainfly

Both the Coleman 4p and 6p instant tents feature one big door and four large windows in 68D polyester mesh. The roof of the tent has two openings for ventilation, equipped with hinges and a prop to keep them opened.

The biggest version is the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent, a 2-room cabin tent which measures 14×10 feet with a center height of 6 ft 5 inc. This means plenty of room. Campers can decide if they want to sleep in a single large room, which can fit up to 8 people, or divide the tent into two rooms by dropping down a tent divider.

Coleman Instant Tent 8 person - inside view

Coleman Instant Tent 8 person – inside view

It features two doors and seven big windows for a terrific ventilation an a great panoramic view. This tent weights 43.8 Lbs.

The Fabrics

Coleman Instant tents are made with 150D polyester taffeta, very durable and waterproofed. The floor is made of 1000D polyethylene which makes it waterproof even in heavy rain.

The supporting frame of the tent consists of steel poles with a diameter of 16mm and 20mm, preattacched directly to the tent by special hooks all interconnected with each other by joints. Once stretched, the poles are locked in place by the joints that prevent the poles to return back. The guy wires are directly connected to the tent to ensure maximum stability even in strong wind.

In this two videos you can see how a Coleman Instant Tent 6 p, withstood a 35 kmh wind storm in Tasmania.

Coleman Instant 6 man Tent – Exterior view during high winds – by Lightning Jack Productions

Coleman Instant 6 man Tent – Interior view during high winds – by Lightning Jack Productions

Coleman WeatherTec System

Another important feature of Coleman Instant Tents is the exclusive WeatherTec system that guarantees absolute waterproofing of the tent without the need of additional rainfly. This system includes:

  • Waterproof floor: the floor has welded seams and corners without needle holes in order to avoid any leaks.
  • Protected Seams: the seams are inverted in order to protect the needle holes on the inside of the tent.
  • Zipper Protection: the door zipper is protected by a flap in order to limit exposure to the elements.
  • Design of the structure: the cabin shape of the structure has been designed to provide maximum stability to the tent even in windy conditions.

Coleman assures that the WeatherTec System provides complete waterproofness for the tent. You should not need a separate rainfly. But in the case you can buy one separately.

Final thoughts.

Coleman is a great company with over one hundred years of experience. This experience is fully reflected in the design of its tents. The selection of the materials, the attention to the design and comfort, the care for details, show how Coleman’s primary intent is to let you live a great outdoors experience. Coleman Instant Tents are the pinnacle of this philosophy.

Buy a Coleman Instant Tent on Amazon.

Six Play Tent New Ideas For Your Christmas Gifts

Holiday season and Christmas are just around the corner. If you are looking for some gift ideas for your kids why don’t you think about a play tent?

Children love to carve out their own nook where they can create their own adventures, read their favorite book or just take a nap.

Pacific Play Tents Cottage Bed Tent

If you are a creative person or you have a passion for DIY stuff, there are lots of blogs where you can find ideas on how to build a play tent for your kid.

If you are not a DIY person or you lack the time, than you just have to go to your favorite toy store or find out what the internet can offer you.

Forts, Castles, Trains and all the play tents you can find

When it comes to choosing a play tent you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can find them in different shapes, colors, dimensions and prices.

Boys prefer the fort or castle shaped tent. It is the kingdom to be defended against enemies. Others will love the train shaped tent, the car shaped tent or the turtle tent.

Girls instead prefer the home shaped tent or the princess castle tent, in which they can play for hours pretending to be a stay at home mom, or the little princess of the castle. There are also cottage tents, tree house tents, beauty boutique tents and so on.

In short, you can find a toy tent whatever the tastes of your children.

Tent fabrics, installation, and other useful information about play tents.

I’m not kidding! Buying a play tent requires the same attention as when you buy a real camping tent. There are lots of things to consider.

  • Indoor or outdoor play tent

    First you need to know where the tent will be mostly used. Most of the play tents can be used both indoor and outdoor, while others can only be used indoor. If you are going to buy a play tent to be used in your backyard, read the product details before, to avoid the surprise of discovering that it is not waterproof just in the middle of a downpour.

  • Fabrics and poles

    Another thing to know is what kind of fabric is the tent made. This is very important if you have children with some kind of allergy. Most of the toy tents are made of polyester, and some of them can be also used outdoors. Others are made of soft but durables materials and are suitable only for indoor uses. The frame structure is usually made with steel poles, but if the play tent you are going to buy is some kind of pop up tent than the frame is made with fiberglass poles.

  • Measures and shapes

    Knowing in advance the exact measures of the play tent  is really important. It will allow you to understand the space occupied by the tent inside the room. Take also care of the shape and the height of the tent. In fact some of these tent are really huge and certainly you would not want to discover it when opening them in your living room.

  • Installation

    Installing a play tent is not difficult but there are tents that can be installed only by adults and others that can be set up even by the children themselves. Before you buy one, take five minutes to take a look at the videos you can find on or directly on the manufacturer’s website.

A selection of the best play tents for your kids

Pink Princess Castle Play Tent – by Poko

Girl's Playhouse Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids

If you have a little princess than the Fairy Princess Pop Up Play tent is the ideal gift. This magic pink castle will be the enchanted kingdom of many adventures and stories. Measuring 40″ x 53″ is large enough for two little princesses. It has a big flap front door for easy access, which can be tied up, and two side windows. The tent must be assembled by an adult but sets up in a second. It’s suitable for ages 3 and up.

3.9 Stars

Knight’s Castle Play Tent – by Poko

Knight's Playhouse - Castle Play Tent

If your kid is a fearless knight than the right kingdom is the Knight’s Playhouse – Castle Play Tent. Suitable for children aged three to five years, it measures 40″ x 53″ and can fit up to three little knights sitting. It’s made of 190T polyester and features a front door and two side windows. It’s not properly a pop up tent but it’s easy to set up in minutes by an adult.

3.9 Stars

Beauty Boutique – by Playhut

Beauty Boutique Play Tent

Another nice play tent for your daugther or granddaughter is the Playhut Beauty Boutique. Very easy to set up the tent snaps open in a while. Designed for children ages three and older this play hut stands 3 feet tall, giving your children plenty of room to stand and play. The tent features a large front door, a side door and window for ventilation. The tent comes with a solid purple curtain that attached inside to the ceiling creates an inside changing room.

3.8 Stars

Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo – by Pacific Play Tents

Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo

The Pacific Safari Tent and Tunnel combo is a great play tent for small explorers. It can be used both inside your home or outdoors. The tent is extra large, 4-by-4-foot, for a great gameplay. It features a water-resistant floor, a zip up curtain and vented mesh screens for air circulation. A special feature is removable Safari Tunnel which is 19 inches in diameter and is 4 feet long. The tent canvas is made of flame retardant and water resistent polyester and is textured with nice drawings of elephants, monkeys and other animals of the savanna.

4.8 Stars

Mega Tent – by Schylling

Mega Tent by Schylling

The Mega Tent by Schylling is a real pop up tent. It pops up and down in seconds and it’s made of sturdy waterproof polyester. This 3 foot tall tent can be used indoor and outdoor. It features a side opening, and two side round opens. If you want this tent can easily connect with others product of the Pop Up Co line like the Schylling Peek a Boo Tunnel.

4.4 Stars

Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle – by Playhut

Playhut Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle

If your kid loves trains then Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle by Playhut is your choice. With the smiling face of Thomas the Tank Engine on the front side, this locomotive shaped play tent will be the favorite pastime of your little conductor. Made of lightweight nylon with mesh panels, it features a slit door on the side and a tunnel port in the back allowing an easy access into the train. Round portholes in the front part give your little driver a perfect view of the tracks ahead. Thomas the Tank Vehicle is very spacious. It mesures 38 by 52 by 26 inches (H x L x W ) and fits up to four small children inside at once. If you want you can collect other Playhut Thomas structures and connect them together.

4.2 Stars

You can find full descriptions and prices of all the above play tents here.

Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent Review

If you are looking for a very easy to set up pop up tent then you should consider buying a Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent. This is one of the lightest pop up tents on the market, only 5 pounds, and the best selling tent in the pop up tents category on Amazon.

Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent

Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent Main Features

It comes packed in a 22 inches shoulder bag and it’s suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities. It can be used as a beach tent or sun shelter, or with good weather conditions also as a family camping tent.

The dimensions of the tent are 82,7″x52″x50″ and can accomodate two adults or one adult and several children.

The Genji Sports Pop Up tent is made of 190T nylon and is compliant under the CPAI-84 specification for flame-resistant materials used in camping tentage, issued by the IFAI. The fabric is also covered with a 50+ UPF UV protective coating to provide you high protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

The internal structure is made of a strong steel frame covered by 600D Oxford nylon, light weight and durable.

This pop up tent is also very breatheable. It has front and rear zipper panels which can be fully opened if you want to use the tent as a beach shelter. The tent is also provided with two side mesh windows  with roll up cover for a complete ventilation.

The Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent is best used on clean and smooth ground. It comes with four plastic ground stakes to be used in case of little wind. If you use the tent on the beach you can fill the two big sand pockets on both side panels to ensure the best stability.

Genji Sports Pop Up Tent Useful Add-on

A very useful add-on, if you want to use the Genji Sport pop up tent as a full camping tent, is the optional waterproof cover which you can find separately sold. This special designed cover is made of 1000D waterproof nylon cloth and assure you and your family to stay dry in case of rain.

Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent - Waterproof Cover Only

—->>Click Here to See The Genji Sports Pop Up Tent Waterproof Cover on >>

How to open and fold back the Genji Sports Pop Up Family Tent

As most of the pop up tents, even the Genji pop up tent is very easy to set up. It opens up in one second by throwing it up in the air.

Folding it back can be a little more difficult. That’s why is better to practice how to do it a few times before using it, by watching this video instructions:

—->>Click Here to See The Genji Sports Pop Up Family Tent on >>

Don’t Use Pop Up Tents For Winter Camping

Winter camping, especially snow camping can be amazing as much as camping during the good season. The landscapes are beautiful, the trails are definitely less crowded than in summer and surely you will not have to worry about mosquitoes or other bugs.

Winter Camping

Marmot Alpinist 2p – 4 season tent on the snow

But while a weekend of camping during the summer can certainly be improvised, even by those who have never planted a stake, and the worst that can happen is you find yourself soaking wet due to a sudden downpour, winter and snow camping trips must be planned and organized very carfully.

Paths, weather, clothing, gear, food, every detail must be studied and prepared in advance if you don’t want to have a dreadful experience.

If you want some tips on how to prepare your camping trip on the snow you can read this winter camping and backpacking tips article.

Please, don’t use Pop Up Tents for Snow Camping.

As you may guess from its title, this is a review site dedicated to pop up tents. I’m am a huge fan of pop up tents. You can use them almost everywhere and almost in every weather conditions.

Except for winter camping and snow camping.

In fact, the main features, lightness and flexibility, that make pop up tents so versatile, so that can be used in spring, summer and even in autumn, instead become weaknesses when it comes to use them in very extreme conditions such as those that you may encounter during a hiking trip to high altitude.

Their flexible structure and the lightness of their materials makes pop up tents unsuitable to withstand the weight of snow or heavy rains of the winter.

Most of the pop up tents are single layer and even if they are waterproofed, winter rains and snow are quite another thing than the spring rains or even summer storms.

The poles used in pop up tents are usually made of carbon fiberglass. Yes, they are very flexible and can withstand strong gusts of wind but they can easily break under the weight of a large snowfall.

That’s why I say “don’t use pop up tents for winter camping“.

What kind of tent should you buy then?

A Four Season Backpacking Tent Is The Best Choice For Winter Camping

The best tent you can buy for winter camping or snow camping is a four season tent.

This kind of tent is designed specifically for withstand the worst weather conditions.

You can find two kind of four season tent, single layer and double layer.

The single layer or single wall tent has one layer of water resistant or waterproof fabric. It is lighter than a double layer tent and usually faster and easier to  set up. On the other hand they are colder and less roomy than a double layer tent.

You should choose a single walled tent for shorter trips, where moving light and fast is a priority like long ski tours or lightweight alpine climbs.

Here you can find a selection of the best single wall 4 season tents.

A double layer four season tent provides higher weather protection than a single walled because it is made with two layers of fabrics. The inner tent is usually breathable and water repellant to make the vapor pass through, reducing the possibility of raining back down on your head. The outer tent is waterproof and protects you against the icy winds, snow and rain.

A double layer tent is heavier than a single layer but it is warmer and more confortable.

You should choose a double layer tent for trips where you will be in the same camp for several nights.

Here you can find a selection of the best double wall 4 season tents.

Four season double-wall tents are equipped with vestibules, usually made of the same waterproofed fabric of the outer tent which provide a dry space for entry and exit the tent and store gear and boots.

Another detail to think about when choosing a four season tent is ventilation. Staying inside a tent involves the formation of condensation due to the humidity of our breath. The greater the number of vents in the tent, the lower will be the formation of condensation.

Whatever the tent you buy, it is best practice to mount it several times before using it on the hik,  maybe in your backyard.  This will allow you to be familiar with all the steps in order to be faster and more secure when necessary.

Regarding the price, four-season tents are much more expensive than three-season tents. This is due to the higher quality and cost of the fabrics and poles.

They can range from 250 up to 5000 dollars.

Some of these tents are intended only for the professionals of the extreme hiking or for expeditions in the high mountains, others are more affordable even for amateur hikers.

That’s another reason why winter camping trips must be planned properly.

It would be quite annoying discover, in the middle of a snowstorm, that the tent you bought at a very bargain price, is not as solid and confortable as you expected.

Lightspeed Periapsis 4 Instant Tent Review

An instant tent very easy to set up is the Periapsis 4 tent produced by Lightspeed Outdoors. She is not properly a pop up tent because you cannot throw her in the air to open. But since she is one of the easiest tents to set up and one of the lightest backpacking tents, I wanted to include it in my a pop up tents reviews.

Features Of The LightSpeed Periapsis 4 Instant Tent

Lightspeed Periapsis 4 Instant Tent

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The Periapsis 4 Instant Tent is 4 person dome tent with a floor space of 62 square feet and a height of 55 inches. With a weight of 14 Lbs is very easy to carry in a backpack.

The tent features the patented Lightspeed pole system, with all the poles built into the tent, so that you don’t have to worry about missing any pole. A separate pole is provided to support the dual-peak rain fly that fully covers both sides of the tent.

All the poles converge to the central hub that allows user to set up the tent very quickly and easily. All you have to do is pull up the hub and press it until the tent shape is formed.

The Periapsis 4 is provided of a very large front door, two matching mesh windows on the sides and one window in the rear wall. The front door and all the windows are double, with a zipper screen and a zipper cover, that allow you to have the maximum protection against bugs and a very enjoyable ventilation.

The tent is provided of internal side pockets to store stuff and gears.

The tent and fly material is 190T PU 1500mm, taped fly seams, and the floor is a 120 g PE.

—->>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on >>

How To Set Up a Periapsis 4 Instant Tent.

Setting up the Periapsis 4 Tent is very easy and quickly to do. You only need four steps:

  1. Lay the tent down flat with the central hub upright. Be sure that the poles are fully extended and the joints are locked;
  2. Lift the central hub to eye level and press firmly both the upper and the lower part togheter until the body of the tent has formed;
  3. Once connected thread the hook through the loop of central hub;
  4. Lay the rainfly over the tent and stake out the guy lines and the corners of the tent.

If you need more information on how to set up and take down a Periapsis 4 Instant tent you can download this instructions manual or take a look at this Youtube video:

—->>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on >>

Small Problems And Great Customer Service

Although the rain fly covers very well all the tent, ensuring an overall good water resistance, some Amazon’s customers have experienced some leaks during heavy rain, specifically from the elastic loops which keep the windows fabric rolled in fair weather.

One of these customers reported that Lightspeed Customer Service was very prompt to solve the problem suggesting to apply seam sealer to the elastic/toggles on both the exterior and the interior of the tent.

LightSpeed Customer Service also offered the chance to trade the Periapsis 4 for a Lightspeed Vermont 4 Pro tent.

Other customers reported some damages to some other parts of the tent. In both cases LightSpeed Customer Service has contacted the customer and asked the opportunity to solve the problem.

As we all know all the products can be affected by a manufacturing defect or damage.

LightSpeed Outdoors customer service has proved to be very professional and customer oriented. Knowing that a company takes care of all the customers in a such professional way is one more reason to choose a LightSpeed’s product.


The Periapsis 4 tent by Lightspeed Outdoors is a very good tent. Very confortable, very easy to set up and take down. The tent is especially suitable for summer camping but she also works well in case of rain. The only thing you need to do is to take care of the sealing of the seams.

If you want to read what Amazon’s customer say about the Periapsis 4 tent click on the link below.

—->>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on >>

Igloo Pop-Up II Dome Tent by Igloo Corp – New Pop Up Tent Review

The cheapest pop up tent you can find on Amazon, and maybe the cheapest pop up tent of this quality on the entire internet, is the the Pop Up Tent II By Igloo Products Corp.

Igloo Products Corp is a Texan corporation based in Katy. It’s one of the best known brands in the coolers industry, both in the U.S. and all over the world. Since 1947 when it introduced the cooler category, Igloo has been synonymous with quality and durability. Maybe, if you look carefully you will find an Igloo cooler even in your home.

The same attention to quality and durability has been applied to the construction of the Pop Up Tent II. The materials are very good and the trims are excellent. But this should not be surprising if you think that this tent is produced by the “coolest” company in the USA.

Main feautures of the Igloo Pop Up Tent II.

Igloo Pop Up Tent II Dome Tent

The Igloo Pop-Up II Dome Tent is a three season solo tent with lots of features at a very small price. The tent is very light, only 3.62 lbs, and measures 7ft 4in x 3ft 5in x 3ft 7in, with a square footage of 24.8 FT2. The max inside height is 43 inches.

The tent comes with a round carry bag and it’s quite easy to transport and store.

The frame consists of an integrated fibergrass pole.

The canopy material is 185 Polyester Taffeta 600 mm and the same material has been used for the tent floor. The mesh is made of Polyester.

The Igloo Pop Up Tent II features the MAXDry™ Weather Protection System which outfits the tent with water-resistant coatings, taped seams and tub floors to help prevent leaks and stay dry.

This technology makes the tent water resistant although not completely waterproof.

Some customers have experienced some leaks mainly during thunderstorms with heavy rains. Others report better experiences with the help of one or two tarps.

Another feature of the Igloo Pop Up II is the UV-Ban™ Weather Protection System a special coating that offers UPF 50+ protection.

But the coolest feature of this one man pop up tent is the Cool Riser™, a system of lower mesh vents that draws cool air in from the base and hot air out through the roof for easy temperature control. Many customers say that this feature only is worth the price of the tent.

The Igloo Pop Up Tent II can be used in the Great Outdoors, Hunting, Sports and Events.

—->>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on >>

How to set up and tear down the Igloo Hop and Pop Tent.

Setting up the tent is very easy. All you have to do is take it out of the bag and throw it out. It takes less thant two seconds and the tent is ready to use.

Next thing you need to do is stake out the tent. This is really important. This will give the tent more body and also keep the tent for blowing away out in the wind.

Next step is to guy out the tent. All you have to do is take a tent stake and put inside the guy line, get the tent nice and tight, drive the stake into the ground and adjust the tie rod until the line is nice and tight. That will keep the tent for blowing over in case of winds.

Folding back the tent is quite easy but it takes two or three times to perform it well. You can learn how to do it by watching this video:

Backyard Camping With Your Kids

Camping with your kids can be an amazing experience or an awful failure. If you want to introduce your kids to camping without taking any risks, nothing is better than organizing a campout in your backyard.

Camping in Chris' Yard

Photo Courtesy of ©

The atmosphere certainly will not be the same of a campsite in the great outdoors. The brisk air that you feel in te middle of a forest is definitely not to be compared with that of your neighborhood, but to camp in your own backyard also presents its advantages.

One of these is that you avoid long trips to reach your favorite campsite. That’s important just in the case your kid doesn’t like to stay out all night. You can always go back home and make him sleep in his bed.

Another advantage is that you can benefit of all the things you have in your home. And when it comes to children you always need something.

How to plan a backyard camping with your kids.

Even if it is not a real camping trip you need to plan it in details to avoid any last minute surprise.

First check the weather. One option is to take a look at your local weather channel. Check the forecast for rain an visibility. If you are a tech geek you can also find lots of weather apps both for your iphone or android phone.

Second check your tent. If it’s been a long time since the last time you used it, open it and double check that all parts are in place and that the tent is not torn or damaged.

If you don’t have a tent you can buy one at your local camping store or if you want directly on or other websites. You don’t need a very expensive tent. You can find some, well under a hundred dollars. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend time on how to set up a tent you can buy a pop up tent. It opens within 2 or 3 seconds and you are done. If you want, here you can find a review of some of the best pop up tents on Amazon.

Third, other gear. Be sure that you have gathered all the other stuff you need for a real camping experience. Sleeping bags or bedrools, pillows, pajamas, flashlights, binoculars and of course can’t live without toys or Linus’ blanket. If you forget something don’t worry, you are a few steps from home.

Fourth, the food. It’s not real camping without a campfire or a barbeque on which you can cook burgers, hot dogs and of course the fabolous s’mores. Being in your own backyard also has the advantage of having a refrigerator or freezer nearby in which you can find your kid’s favorite icecream.

Backyard camping activities.

Camping in your backyard means that you also have to plan lots of fun activities to do with your kids.

Set up the campsite with your kids.  Ask your kids to help you set up the tent. It’s a funny way to teach him how to do it without the stress of finishing before dark. Show them all the parts and let them try to pitch the stakes and adjust the guy lines. If you have a pop up tent let them throw it in the air. For them it’s lot of fun. Let them unroll and try the sleeping bags. Are they ok? Then let’s move on.

Games. You can plan lot of games: Hide and seek, kickball, bocce. If you have your kids’ friends with you can organize a soccer match or an egg and spoon race. But if you want to make our campout memorable you have to create a treasure hunt, Minecraft style, one of the hottest games for kids. You will have to work a little during the week but the result will be amazing.

Eating together.  Eating together with family and friends around a campfire is one of the most beautiful things of camping. Cooking hot dogs, roasting beef and making s’mores are almost mandatory. But if you want to take advantage of being in your backyard you can order pizzas and your children will be delighted.

After dinner. Stargazing is popular after dinner but you have to be prepared. You need to know at least two or three constellations if you want to impress your kids. Singing funny songs or telling ghost stories around the fire are also a must.

Finally, sleeping in the tent or maybe not. Camping means sleeping in a tent. If it is the first time for your kids it may not be so easy. Be sure that your kids feel confortable. If they are scared by shadows or sounds don’t force them to sleep in the tent.

On the other hand what is the benefit of being in your own backyard? Being able to return inside whenever you want.

Five Questions Before Buying A Tent – A Guide For Beginner Campers

As the title suggests this article is intended for first time campers. If you are a professional camper you can choose to abandon the page or if you want (I would appreciate very much) you can leave a comment with your suggestions to the novices.

Okay, you’ve finally decided to give vent to your desire for freedom and take your first adventure in the outdoors, maybe together with your children or your grandchildren, and of course you are in front of the first important decision that an adventurer must take: what kind of tent should I buy?

The problem is not easy to solve. At the very least requires a bit ‘of reflection unless you want to find yourself in the middle of the rain with a beach tent or spend hundreds of dollars on a tent for extreme excursions when your intention is to set up an overnight camping for your kids in the backyard.

Of course these are exaggerations. But sometimes reality exceeds imagination.

It is for this reason that a beginner camper must ask himself these five questions before buying a tent:

  • What type of camping are you going to do?
  • What season are you going to camp?
  • How many people will be using the tent?
  • How much gear are you going to put into the tent?
  • Is the tent easy to set up?

What type of camping are you going to do?

Knowing what type of camping you are going to do is essential for choosing the right tent. If you are planning to car camping with all your family the weight of the tent may not be a determining factor. Usually a campsite is not so far from the parking area and you can carry the tent easily.

Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent

In this case you can choose a cabin tent which is best suited for established campgrounds and has a large square design with high ceilings and walls. It can be a little more difficult to set up but it gives you more room floor.

If you want more flexibility you can buy a dome tent, which can be moved around after set-up. They don’t usually have canopies and have less head room but are stable and designed to shed wind and all kind of precipitation.


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If you are going to hike or climb a mountain then the weight of the tent is major factor.

In this case you need to buy a very light tent. It can be a dome shape tent, or a pop up tent which are smaller and lighter, easy to set up and easy to carry if backpacking. They don’t usually have a lot of space inside and the height is relative. But they can provide protection in almost all weather conditions.

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What season are you going to camp?

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing a tent is how many seasons you will use the tent. There are three options:

Summer Tent – This kind of tent is designed to be used only during the good season (Hot and humid weather only). It’s lightweight and easy to set up. Usually have a lot of mesh for ventilation.

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ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4-person 3 season Tent

Three Seasons Tent – If you are going to camp between May and September you can choose a 3-Season Tent. It is designed to perform well both in wind and rain condition but not with snow. It usually has a rain fly that protects from rain and winds, a skylight window for extra light and a vestibule to store more gear.


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Four Season Tent – The Four Season Tent is the strongest of all tents. It is made to withstand the worst weather conditions: heavy snow falls, high winds, cold temperatures, intense UV exposure. This is the tent for mountain expeditions. It’s more expensive than the others but it’s worth every penny when you are on top of a mountain or in the middle of a snow storm.

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How many people will be using the tent?

The number of persons who will sleep in the tent is another factor to be considered. If you are going to camp with the family you can choose a cabin tent which is larger and more comfortable. It is heavier than a Dome Tent and needs more time to be set up.

If you are going to camp with your girlfriend or spouse than you can choose a pop up tent for two or three person. It is easy to carry in your backpack and easy to set up.

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How much gear are you going to put into the tent?

If you are planning to go car camping with your family or friends probably you will bring with you a lot of gear to rendere il vostro campeggio più comodo. Portable chairs and table, a cooler, a matrass, a camping stove. It is clear that you need a lot of space inside your tent. For this kind of camping you must choose a very roomy tent, like a cabin family tent or a dome tent.

If you are going to hike for a few days probably you will only bring with you the essential stuff. This will reduce the weight and the volume of your backpack. In this case a backpacking tent or a pop up tent is your tent. They are light and easy to set up even difficult situations.

Is the tent easy to set up?

Probably, the biggest problem a beginner camper faces is “how to set up a tent”.

On the market you can find a huge variety of tents each one with different instructions on how to set them up.

Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent

Some of them are very easy to set up like the pop up tents and the instant tents. After reading the instructions or viewing a set up video on Youtube you will be able to have them ready in very few minutes.

Others, like some kind of backpacking tents or big family tents, require more time to learn how to install them properly. In some cases you will need someone to help you set them up.


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In both cases I can suggest to take a look at the producer website and find the set up video for the kind of tent you intend to buy. If you cannot find it there you can find plenty of videos on Youtube.

My other suggestion is to set up your tent before going to camping, in your backyard or at home. This will save a lot of time and also a lot of hanger when you will be in the campsite and will leave you all the time to enjoy your very first night under the sky.

Zaltana Pop Up Tent With Inner Tent: High Quality Tent At A Low Price

The Zaltana Pop Up Tent with inner tent is one of the best choices if you are looking for a pop up tent.

Zaltana Pop Up Tent with inner tent

It is among the few pop up tents with two layers of fabric, the fly sheet, made of waterproof Polyester, and the inner tent, made of Polyester and Breathable no see um mesh.  This makes the Pop Up Tent with inner tent by Zaltana one of the strongest pop up tents available in the market.

When you buy it, it is folded in a 30” diameter dish with two carry handles and two straps for carrying it on your back. The dimension of the disk allows you to fit it into the trunk of your car (not a small one). The weight is 5 Lbs.

The Zaltana tent pop up itself in a second. You then need to anchor it with the steel pegs provided with the tent. The skeleton of the tent is made of fiber glass pole of 6mm of diameter which ensure strength and flexibility to the tent.

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When opened and set up the Zaltana pop up tent shows its inside space. It is designed for two persons but if the person is tall the tent can accommodate only one person or two children.

The two layers of fabric works really well assuring the tent with a great air flow. The blue outer flysheet, made of 190T Waterproof Polyester, PU1000 mm,  covers the inner mesh tent. The inner layer is made of 190T P/T, 450mm+ breathable/ no see um mesh.

The inner mesh is provided of two little pouches, left and right, for storing small items.

The black floor is made of 150D Oxford PU1000mm. It is strong enough to be set up on the gravel but it is advisable to buy a footprint or tarp.

The front entrance door is sealed with two zippers, one per layer, with the external one covered with an overlapping nylon to prevent leakage.

Taking down the Zaltana Pop Up Tent with inner Tent is as easy as the set up. You can easily learn how to do it by taking a look at the instructions printed on the tent bag.

Instruction manual printed on the tent bag of the Zaltana Pop Up Tent

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Probably, as with all the other kind of tents, it is advisable to practice the movements several times at home to avoid any problem during camping.

If you want to learn how to fold a pop up tent this Youtube video could be very helpful.

The overall impression is that the Zaltana pop up tent with inner tent is one of the best tents, with a high quality at a very low price. It is easy to set up and to fold it down. It works well with good weather condition and light rain. This pop up tent is the ideal choice for camping on the beach, in the woods during the good seasons, or attend to a concert or event. It is also ideal for camping in the backyard of your house, to introduce your sons or grandsons to camping.

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