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Coleman Instant Tents Review

Camping with family is an experience that everyone should make at least once in their life. Fishing with your child on the banks of a lake, walking with your daughter in the woods chatting about nothing, are moments that remain forever.

Not to mention the barbecue and the scent of ‘smores. Can you feel it?


Family Camping With Coleman Instant Tent

Unfortunately there is a moment of this wonderful experience that many would willingly jump.  The moment of putting up the tent.

Cleaning the area and having to deal with stakes, hammer, pegs and all the other equipment, when your kids are asking to play, can be really annoying.

That’s why Coleman Inc., one of the first and oldest companies in the camping industry, introduced its Coleman Instant Tents, so easy to assemble to become the first choise of families.

Coleman Instant Tents are not properly pop up tents, in the sense that you can not throw them in the air to open. But their unique system of opening and fixing however, makes the tents open easily in less than a minute, and this despite the size and the weight of them.

To realize how easy is to put up one of the Coleman Instant Tents just watch one of the several videos you can find on Youtube.

Here are a couple of them:

Coleman® Instant Tent – demonstration made by Coleman Inc staff.

KOA Campers Test Coleman Instant Tent – Test made by campers of KOA Kampgrounds.

Main Features of Coleman Instant Tents

Coleman produces four versions of its cabin instant tent. Their dimensions change depending on the number of people they can accommodate.

The smaller of the family is the Coleman Instant tent 4, a single room tent which measures 8 ft. x 7 ft. and can fit up to four adults. It’s big enough for one queen airbed. The height of the tent is 4 ft. 11 inc. at the center for plenty of room and air. This tent weights 9.8 Lbs. 

The 6 person version meausures 10 ft. x 9 ft. and is 5 ft. 11 inc. tall at the center with enough space to stand up and move easily . This tent is very spacious. There is enough space for two queen air mattresses.

Coleman Instant Tent 6 person with rainfly

Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person with Rainfly

Both the Coleman 4p and 6p instant tents feature one big door and four large windows in 68D polyester mesh. The roof of the tent has two openings for ventilation, equipped with hinges and a prop to keep them opened.

The biggest version is the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent, a 2-room cabin tent which measures 14×10 feet with a center height of 6 ft 5 inc. This means plenty of room. Campers can decide if they want to sleep in a single large room, which can fit up to 8 people, or divide the tent into two rooms by dropping down a tent divider.

Coleman Instant Tent 8 person - inside view

Coleman Instant Tent 8 person – inside view

It features two doors and seven big windows for a terrific ventilation an a great panoramic view. This tent weights 43.8 Lbs.

The Fabrics

Coleman Instant tents are made with 150D polyester taffeta, very durable and waterproofed. The floor is made of 1000D polyethylene which makes it waterproof even in heavy rain.

The supporting frame of the tent consists of steel poles with a diameter of 16mm and 20mm, preattacched directly to the tent by special hooks all interconnected with each other by joints. Once stretched, the poles are locked in place by the joints that prevent the poles to return back. The guy wires are directly connected to the tent to ensure maximum stability even in strong wind.

In this two videos you can see how a Coleman Instant Tent 6 p, withstood a 35 kmh wind storm in Tasmania.

Coleman Instant 6 man Tent – Exterior view during high winds – by Lightning Jack Productions

Coleman Instant 6 man Tent – Interior view during high winds – by Lightning Jack Productions

Coleman WeatherTec System

Another important feature of Coleman Instant Tents is the exclusive WeatherTec system that guarantees absolute waterproofing of the tent without the need of additional rainfly. This system includes:

  • Waterproof floor: the floor has welded seams and corners without needle holes in order to avoid any leaks.
  • Protected Seams: the seams are inverted in order to protect the needle holes on the inside of the tent.
  • Zipper Protection: the door zipper is protected by a flap in order to limit exposure to the elements.
  • Design of the structure: the cabin shape of the structure has been designed to provide maximum stability to the tent even in windy conditions.

Coleman assures that the WeatherTec System provides complete waterproofness for the tent. You should not need a separate rainfly. But in the case you can buy one separately.

Final thoughts.

Coleman is a great company with over one hundred years of experience. This experience is fully reflected in the design of its tents. The selection of the materials, the attention to the design and comfort, the care for details, show how Coleman’s primary intent is to let you live a great outdoors experience. Coleman Instant Tents are the pinnacle of this philosophy.

Buy a Coleman Instant Tent on Amazon.

Lightspeed Periapsis 4 Instant Tent Review

An instant tent very easy to set up is the Periapsis 4 tent produced by Lightspeed Outdoors. She is not properly a pop up tent because you cannot throw her in the air to open. But since she is one of the easiest tents to set up and one of the lightest backpacking tents, I wanted to include it in my a pop up tents reviews.

Features Of The LightSpeed Periapsis 4 Instant Tent

Lightspeed Periapsis 4 Instant Tent

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The Periapsis 4 Instant Tent is 4 person dome tent with a floor space of 62 square feet and a height of 55 inches. With a weight of 14 Lbs is very easy to carry in a backpack.

The tent features the patented Lightspeed pole system, with all the poles built into the tent, so that you don’t have to worry about missing any pole. A separate pole is provided to support the dual-peak rain fly that fully covers both sides of the tent.

All the poles converge to the central hub that allows user to set up the tent very quickly and easily. All you have to do is pull up the hub and press it until the tent shape is formed.

The Periapsis 4 is provided of a very large front door, two matching mesh windows on the sides and one window in the rear wall. The front door and all the windows are double, with a zipper screen and a zipper cover, that allow you to have the maximum protection against bugs and a very enjoyable ventilation.

The tent is provided of internal side pockets to store stuff and gears.

The tent and fly material is 190T PU 1500mm, taped fly seams, and the floor is a 120 g PE.

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How To Set Up a Periapsis 4 Instant Tent.

Setting up the Periapsis 4 Tent is very easy and quickly to do. You only need four steps:

  1. Lay the tent down flat with the central hub upright. Be sure that the poles are fully extended and the joints are locked;
  2. Lift the central hub to eye level and press firmly both the upper and the lower part togheter until the body of the tent has formed;
  3. Once connected thread the hook through the loop of central hub;
  4. Lay the rainfly over the tent and stake out the guy lines and the corners of the tent.

If you need more information on how to set up and take down a Periapsis 4 Instant tent you can download this instructions manual or take a look at this Youtube video:

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Small Problems And Great Customer Service

Although the rain fly covers very well all the tent, ensuring an overall good water resistance, some Amazon’s customers have experienced some leaks during heavy rain, specifically from the elastic loops which keep the windows fabric rolled in fair weather.

One of these customers reported that Lightspeed Customer Service was very prompt to solve the problem suggesting to apply seam sealer to the elastic/toggles on both the exterior and the interior of the tent.

LightSpeed Customer Service also offered the chance to trade the Periapsis 4 for a Lightspeed Vermont 4 Pro tent.

Other customers reported some damages to some other parts of the tent. In both cases LightSpeed Customer Service has contacted the customer and asked the opportunity to solve the problem.

As we all know all the products can be affected by a manufacturing defect or damage.

LightSpeed Outdoors customer service has proved to be very professional and customer oriented. Knowing that a company takes care of all the customers in a such professional way is one more reason to choose a LightSpeed’s product.


The Periapsis 4 tent by Lightspeed Outdoors is a very good tent. Very confortable, very easy to set up and take down. The tent is especially suitable for summer camping but she also works well in case of rain. The only thing you need to do is to take care of the sealing of the seams.

If you want to read what Amazon’s customer say about the Periapsis 4 tent click on the link below.

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