Igloo Pop-Up II Dome Tent by Igloo Corp – New Pop Up Tent Review

The cheapest pop up tent you can find on Amazon, and maybe the cheapest pop up tent of this quality on the entire internet, is the the Pop Up Tent II By Igloo Products Corp.

Igloo Products Corp is a Texan corporation based in Katy. It’s one of the best known brands in the coolers industry, both in the U.S. and all over the world. Since 1947 when it introduced the cooler category, Igloo has been synonymous with quality and durability. Maybe, if you look carefully you will find an Igloo cooler even in your home.

The same attention to quality and durability has been applied to the construction of the Pop Up Tent II. The materials are very good and the trims are excellent. But this should not be surprising if you think that this tent is produced by the “coolest” company in the USA.

Main feautures of the Igloo Pop Up Tent II.

Igloo Pop Up Tent II Dome Tent

The Igloo Pop-Up II Dome Tent is a three season solo tent with lots of features at a very small price. The tent is very light, only 3.62 lbs, and measures 7ft 4in x 3ft 5in x 3ft 7in, with a square footage of 24.8 FT2. The max inside height is 43 inches.

The tent comes with a round carry bag and it’s quite easy to transport and store.

The frame consists of an integrated fibergrass pole.

The canopy material is 185 Polyester Taffeta 600 mm and the same material has been used for the tent floor. The mesh is made of Polyester.

The Igloo Pop Up Tent II features the MAXDry™ Weather Protection System which outfits the tent with water-resistant coatings, taped seams and tub floors to help prevent leaks and stay dry.

This technology makes the tent water resistant although not completely waterproof.

Some customers have experienced some leaks mainly during thunderstorms with heavy rains. Others report better experiences with the help of one or two tarps.

Another feature of the Igloo Pop Up II is the UV-Ban™ Weather Protection System a special coating that offers UPF 50+ protection.

But the coolest feature of this one man pop up tent is the Cool Riser™, a system of lower mesh vents that draws cool air in from the base and hot air out through the roof for easy temperature control. Many customers say that this feature only is worth the price of the tent.

The Igloo Pop Up Tent II can be used in the Great Outdoors, Hunting, Sports and Events.

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How to set up and tear down the Igloo Hop and Pop Tent.

Setting up the tent is very easy. All you have to do is take it out of the bag and throw it out. It takes less thant two seconds and the tent is ready to use.

Next thing you need to do is stake out the tent. This is really important. This will give the tent more body and also keep the tent for blowing away out in the wind.

Next step is to guy out the tent. All you have to do is take a tent stake and put inside the guy line, get the tent nice and tight, drive the stake into the ground and adjust the tie rod until the line is nice and tight. That will keep the tent for blowing over in case of winds.

Folding back the tent is quite easy but it takes two or three times to perform it well. You can learn how to do it by watching this video:

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