Six Play Tent New Ideas For Your Christmas Gifts

Holiday season and Christmas are just around the corner. If you are looking for some gift ideas for your kids why don’t you think about a play tent?

Children love to carve out their own nook where they can create their own adventures, read their favorite book or just take a nap.

Pacific Play Tents Cottage Bed Tent

If you are a creative person or you have a passion for DIY stuff, there are lots of blogs where you can find ideas on how to build a play tent for your kid.

If you are not a DIY person or you lack the time, than you just have to go to your favorite toy store or find out what the internet can offer you.

Forts, Castles, Trains and all the play tents you can find

When it comes to choosing a play tent you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can find them in different shapes, colors, dimensions and prices.

Boys prefer the fort or castle shaped tent. It is the kingdom to be defended against enemies. Others will love the train shaped tent, the car shaped tent or the turtle tent.

Girls instead prefer the home shaped tent or the princess castle tent, in which they can play for hours pretending to be a stay at home mom, or the little princess of the castle. There are also cottage tents, tree house tents, beauty boutique tents and so on.

In short, you can find a toy tent whatever the tastes of your children.

Tent fabrics, installation, and other useful information about play tents.

I’m not kidding! Buying a play tent requires the same attention as when you buy a real camping tent. There are lots of things to consider.

  • Indoor or outdoor play tent

    First you need to know where the tent will be mostly used. Most of the play tents can be used both indoor and outdoor, while others can only be used indoor. If you are going to buy a play tent to be used in your backyard, read the product details before, to avoid the surprise of discovering that it is not waterproof just in the middle of a downpour.

  • Fabrics and poles

    Another thing to know is what kind of fabric is the tent made. This is very important if you have children with some kind of allergy. Most of the toy tents are made of polyester, and some of them can be also used outdoors. Others are made of soft but durables materials and are suitable only for indoor uses. The frame structure is usually made with steel poles, but if the play tent you are going to buy is some kind of pop up tent than the frame is made with fiberglass poles.

  • Measures and shapes

    Knowing in advance the exact measures of the play tent  is really important. It will allow you to understand the space occupied by the tent inside the room. Take also care of the shape and the height of the tent. In fact some of these tent are really huge and certainly you would not want to discover it when opening them in your living room.

  • Installation

    Installing a play tent is not difficult but there are tents that can be installed only by adults and others that can be set up even by the children themselves. Before you buy one, take five minutes to take a look at the videos you can find on or directly on the manufacturer’s website.

A selection of the best play tents for your kids

Pink Princess Castle Play Tent – by Poko

Girl's Playhouse Pink Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids

If you have a little princess than the Fairy Princess Pop Up Play tent is the ideal gift. This magic pink castle will be the enchanted kingdom of many adventures and stories. Measuring 40″ x 53″ is large enough for two little princesses. It has a big flap front door for easy access, which can be tied up, and two side windows. The tent must be assembled by an adult but sets up in a second. It’s suitable for ages 3 and up.

3.9 Stars

Knight’s Castle Play Tent – by Poko

Knight's Playhouse - Castle Play Tent

If your kid is a fearless knight than the right kingdom is the Knight’s Playhouse – Castle Play Tent. Suitable for children aged three to five years, it measures 40″ x 53″ and can fit up to three little knights sitting. It’s made of 190T polyester and features a front door and two side windows. It’s not properly a pop up tent but it’s easy to set up in minutes by an adult.

3.9 Stars

Beauty Boutique – by Playhut

Beauty Boutique Play Tent

Another nice play tent for your daugther or granddaughter is the Playhut Beauty Boutique. Very easy to set up the tent snaps open in a while. Designed for children ages three and older this play hut stands 3 feet tall, giving your children plenty of room to stand and play. The tent features a large front door, a side door and window for ventilation. The tent comes with a solid purple curtain that attached inside to the ceiling creates an inside changing room.

3.8 Stars

Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo – by Pacific Play Tents

Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo

The Pacific Safari Tent and Tunnel combo is a great play tent for small explorers. It can be used both inside your home or outdoors. The tent is extra large, 4-by-4-foot, for a great gameplay. It features a water-resistant floor, a zip up curtain and vented mesh screens for air circulation. A special feature is removable Safari Tunnel which is 19 inches in diameter and is 4 feet long. The tent canvas is made of flame retardant and water resistent polyester and is textured with nice drawings of elephants, monkeys and other animals of the savanna.

4.8 Stars

Mega Tent – by Schylling

Mega Tent by Schylling

The Mega Tent by Schylling is a real pop up tent. It pops up and down in seconds and it’s made of sturdy waterproof polyester. This 3 foot tall tent can be used indoor and outdoor. It features a side opening, and two side round opens. If you want this tent can easily connect with others product of the Pop Up Co line like the Schylling Peek a Boo Tunnel.

4.4 Stars

Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle – by Playhut

Playhut Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle

If your kid loves trains then Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle by Playhut is your choice. With the smiling face of Thomas the Tank Engine on the front side, this locomotive shaped play tent will be the favorite pastime of your little conductor. Made of lightweight nylon with mesh panels, it features a slit door on the side and a tunnel port in the back allowing an easy access into the train. Round portholes in the front part give your little driver a perfect view of the tracks ahead. Thomas the Tank Vehicle is very spacious. It mesures 38 by 52 by 26 inches (H x L x W ) and fits up to four small children inside at once. If you want you can collect other Playhut Thomas structures and connect them together.

4.2 Stars

You can find full descriptions and prices of all the above play tents here.

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