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Backyard Camping With Your Kids

Camping with your kids can be an amazing experience or an awful failure. If you want to introduce your kids to camping without taking any risks, nothing is better than organizing a campout in your backyard.

Camping in Chris' Yard

Photo Courtesy of ©Flickr.com/thirteenofclubs

The atmosphere certainly will not be the same of a campsite in the great outdoors. The brisk air that you feel in te middle of a forest is definitely not to be compared with that of your neighborhood, but to camp in your own backyard also presents its advantages.

One of these is that you avoid long trips to reach your favorite campsite. That’s important just in the case your kid doesn’t like to stay out all night. You can always go back home and make him sleep in his bed.

Another advantage is that you can benefit of all the things you have in your home. And when it comes to children you always need something.

How to plan a backyard camping with your kids.

Even if it is not a real camping trip you need to plan it in details to avoid any last minute surprise.

First check the weather. One option is to take a look at your local weather channel. Check the forecast for rain an visibility. If you are a tech geek you can also find lots of weather apps both for your iphone or android phone.

Second check your tent. If it’s been a long time since the last time you used it, open it and double check that all parts are in place and that the tent is not torn or damaged.

If you don’t have a tent you can buy one at your local camping store or if you want directly on Amazon.com or other websites. You don’t need a very expensive tent. You can find some, well under a hundred dollars. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend time on how to set up a tent you can buy a pop up tent. It opens within 2 or 3 seconds and you are done. If you want, here you can find a review of some of the best pop up tents on Amazon.

Third, other gear. Be sure that you have gathered all the other stuff you need for a real camping experience. Sleeping bags or bedrools, pillows, pajamas, flashlights, binoculars and of course can’t live without toys or Linus’ blanket. If you forget something don’t worry, you are a few steps from home.

Fourth, the food. It’s not real camping without a campfire or a barbeque on which you can cook burgers, hot dogs and of course the fabolous s’mores. Being in your own backyard also has the advantage of having a refrigerator or freezer nearby in which you can find your kid’s favorite icecream.

Backyard camping activities.

Camping in your backyard means that you also have to plan lots of fun activities to do with your kids.

Set up the campsite with your kids.  Ask your kids to help you set up the tent. It’s a funny way to teach him how to do it without the stress of finishing before dark. Show them all the parts and let them try to pitch the stakes and adjust the guy lines. If you have a pop up tent let them throw it in the air. For them it’s lot of fun. Let them unroll and try the sleeping bags. Are they ok? Then let’s move on.

Games. You can plan lot of games: Hide and seek, kickball, bocce. If you have your kids’ friends with you can organize a soccer match or an egg and spoon race. But if you want to make our campout memorable you have to create a treasure hunt, Minecraft style, one of the hottest games for kids. You will have to work a little during the week but the result will be amazing.

Eating together.  Eating together with family and friends around a campfire is one of the most beautiful things of camping. Cooking hot dogs, roasting beef and making s’mores are almost mandatory. But if you want to take advantage of being in your backyard you can order pizzas and your children will be delighted.

After dinner. Stargazing is popular after dinner but you have to be prepared. You need to know at least two or three constellations if you want to impress your kids. Singing funny songs or telling ghost stories around the fire are also a must.

Finally, sleeping in the tent or maybe not. Camping means sleeping in a tent. If it is the first time for your kids it may not be so easy. Be sure that your kids feel confortable. If they are scared by shadows or sounds don’t force them to sleep in the tent.

On the other hand what is the benefit of being in your own backyard? Being able to return inside whenever you want.

Five Questions Before Buying A Tent – A Guide For Beginner Campers

As the title suggests this article is intended for first time campers. If you are a professional camper you can choose to abandon the page or if you want (I would appreciate very much) you can leave a comment with your suggestions to the novices.

Okay, you’ve finally decided to give vent to your desire for freedom and take your first adventure in the outdoors, maybe together with your children or your grandchildren, and of course you are in front of the first important decision that an adventurer must take: what kind of tent should I buy?

The problem is not easy to solve. At the very least requires a bit ‘of reflection unless you want to find yourself in the middle of the rain with a beach tent or spend hundreds of dollars on a tent for extreme excursions when your intention is to set up an overnight camping for your kids in the backyard.

Of course these are exaggerations. But sometimes reality exceeds imagination.

It is for this reason that a beginner camper must ask himself these five questions before buying a tent:

  • What type of camping are you going to do?
  • What season are you going to camp?
  • How many people will be using the tent?
  • How much gear are you going to put into the tent?
  • Is the tent easy to set up?

What type of camping are you going to do?

Knowing what type of camping you are going to do is essential for choosing the right tent. If you are planning to car camping with all your family the weight of the tent may not be a determining factor. Usually a campsite is not so far from the parking area and you can carry the tent easily.

Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent

In this case you can choose a cabin tent which is best suited for established campgrounds and has a large square design with high ceilings and walls. It can be a little more difficult to set up but it gives you more room floor.

If you want more flexibility you can buy a dome tent, which can be moved around after set-up. They don’t usually have canopies and have less head room but are stable and designed to shed wind and all kind of precipitation.


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If you are going to hike or climb a mountain then the weight of the tent is major factor.

In this case you need to buy a very light tent. It can be a dome shape tent, or a pop up tent which are smaller and lighter, easy to set up and easy to carry if backpacking. They don’t usually have a lot of space inside and the height is relative. But they can provide protection in almost all weather conditions.

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What season are you going to camp?

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing a tent is how many seasons you will use the tent. There are three options:

Summer Tent – This kind of tent is designed to be used only during the good season (Hot and humid weather only). It’s lightweight and easy to set up. Usually have a lot of mesh for ventilation.

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ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4-person 3 season Tent

Three Seasons Tent – If you are going to camp between May and September you can choose a 3-Season Tent. It is designed to perform well both in wind and rain condition but not with snow. It usually has a rain fly that protects from rain and winds, a skylight window for extra light and a vestibule to store more gear.


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Four Season Tent – The Four Season Tent is the strongest of all tents. It is made to withstand the worst weather conditions: heavy snow falls, high winds, cold temperatures, intense UV exposure. This is the tent for mountain expeditions. It’s more expensive than the others but it’s worth every penny when you are on top of a mountain or in the middle of a snow storm.

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How many people will be using the tent?

The number of persons who will sleep in the tent is another factor to be considered. If you are going to camp with the family you can choose a cabin tent which is larger and more comfortable. It is heavier than a Dome Tent and needs more time to be set up.

If you are going to camp with your girlfriend or spouse than you can choose a pop up tent for two or three person. It is easy to carry in your backpack and easy to set up.

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How much gear are you going to put into the tent?

If you are planning to go car camping with your family or friends probably you will bring with you a lot of gear to rendere il vostro campeggio più comodo. Portable chairs and table, a cooler, a matrass, a camping stove. It is clear that you need a lot of space inside your tent. For this kind of camping you must choose a very roomy tent, like a cabin family tent or a dome tent.

If you are going to hike for a few days probably you will only bring with you the essential stuff. This will reduce the weight and the volume of your backpack. In this case a backpacking tent or a pop up tent is your tent. They are light and easy to set up even difficult situations.

Is the tent easy to set up?

Probably, the biggest problem a beginner camper faces is “how to set up a tent”.

On the market you can find a huge variety of tents each one with different instructions on how to set them up.

Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family Tent

Some of them are very easy to set up like the pop up tents and the instant tents. After reading the instructions or viewing a set up video on Youtube you will be able to have them ready in very few minutes.

Others, like some kind of backpacking tents or big family tents, require more time to learn how to install them properly. In some cases you will need someone to help you set them up.


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In both cases I can suggest to take a look at the producer website and find the set up video for the kind of tent you intend to buy. If you cannot find it there you can find plenty of videos on Youtube.

My other suggestion is to set up your tent before going to camping, in your backyard or at home. This will save a lot of time and also a lot of hanger when you will be in the campsite and will leave you all the time to enjoy your very first night under the sky.