Zaltana Pop Up Tent With Inner Tent: High Quality Tent At A Low Price

The Zaltana Pop Up Tent with inner tent is one of the best choices if you are looking for a pop up tent.

Zaltana Pop Up Tent with inner tent

It is among the few pop up tents with two layers of fabric, the fly sheet, made of waterproof Polyester, and the inner tent, made of Polyester and Breathable no see um mesh.  This makes the Pop Up Tent with inner tent by Zaltana one of the strongest pop up tents available in the market.

When you buy it, it is folded in a 30” diameter dish with two carry handles and two straps for carrying it on your back. The dimension of the disk allows you to fit it into the trunk of your car (not a small one). The weight is 5 Lbs.

The Zaltana tent pop up itself in a second. You then need to anchor it with the steel pegs provided with the tent. The skeleton of the tent is made of fiber glass pole of 6mm of diameter which ensure strength and flexibility to the tent.

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When opened and set up the Zaltana pop up tent shows its inside space. It is designed for two persons but if the person is tall the tent can accommodate only one person or two children.

The two layers of fabric works really well assuring the tent with a great air flow. The blue outer flysheet, made of 190T Waterproof Polyester, PU1000 mm,  covers the inner mesh tent. The inner layer is made of 190T P/T, 450mm+ breathable/ no see um mesh.

The inner mesh is provided of two little pouches, left and right, for storing small items.

The black floor is made of 150D Oxford PU1000mm. It is strong enough to be set up on the gravel but it is advisable to buy a footprint or tarp.

The front entrance door is sealed with two zippers, one per layer, with the external one covered with an overlapping nylon to prevent leakage.

Taking down the Zaltana Pop Up Tent with inner Tent is as easy as the set up. You can easily learn how to do it by taking a look at the instructions printed on the tent bag.

Instruction manual printed on the tent bag of the Zaltana Pop Up Tent

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Probably, as with all the other kind of tents, it is advisable to practice the movements several times at home to avoid any problem during camping.

If you want to learn how to fold a pop up tent this Youtube video could be very helpful.

The overall impression is that the Zaltana pop up tent with inner tent is one of the best tents, with a high quality at a very low price. It is easy to set up and to fold it down. It works well with good weather condition and light rain. This pop up tent is the ideal choice for camping on the beach, in the woods during the good seasons, or attend to a concert or event. It is also ideal for camping in the backyard of your house, to introduce your sons or grandsons to camping.

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